Put a Real Beauty in your Tank: Taiwan Beauty Snakes in Captivity Series by John F Taylor

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Put a Real Beauty in your Tank: Taiwan Beauty Snakes in Captivity Series by John F Taylor

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Taiwan Beauty snakes have been known in herpetoculture since at least the late 1980’s according to the oldest documentation of how to keep them that I have been able to find. Back then, they were known as part of the Elaphe sp. This genus was an all-inclusive place for what seems to be all Ratsnake species. Recently however, taxonomists have moved them all into their own genus. When exactly this took place, I have yet been able to identify. Regardless, there are a total of nine confirmed species and one unconfirmed subspecies.

This particular genre itself is now known as Orthriophis, and little information out there today on this species is credible. I have worked with many Ratsnake species and specifically Taiwan Beauty snakes Orthriophis taeniurus friesi. I have found them to be curious and intelligent serpents. They are incredibly attractive snakes; hence the common name. I have found them to have a ground or background color of yellowish to olive with black paired spots running almost the entire length of the snake except for the last part where the bottom third or so changes to striping. Here these blotches are joined and the ground color divides the blackness, which is why they are also known commonly as Stripe Tailed Ratsnakes. Looking at the head, they have ocular stripes similar to Rattlesnakes Crotalus sp. These stripes start at the bottom rear of the eye and extend backwards to the corner of the mouth area.

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