List of Common Feeder Roaches:

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List of Common Feeder Roaches:

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common species seen in the trade that are most readily available as feeders.

Medium/Large species. While nymphs can be fed to very small herps, these species grow large enough to feed larger reptiles. They also reproduce slower than the smaller species.
Blaptica dubia - Guyana Orange Spotted Roach
Blaberus discoidalis - Discoid Roach / False Death Head Roach [NOT ALLOWED IN FL]
Blaberus fusca - Dwarf Cave Roach
Blaberus fusca hybrids
Eublaberus posticus - Orange Head Roach
Gromphadorhina portentosa - Madagascar Hissing Roach [Climbing Species]

Smaller/More Prolific Species
Shelfordella (Blatta) lateralis - Turkistan Roach / Red Runners [Lay Egg Cases]
Naophoeta cinerea - Lobster Roach [Climbing Species]
Blatta orientalis - Oriental Roach [Lay Egg Cases] [Climbing Species]


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