Dumfries woman left terrified by snake on her doorstep

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Dumfries woman left terrified by snake on her doorstep

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:10 am

A DUMFRIES woman got the shock of her life when she opened her door ... and came face to face with a 30-inch-long Honduran milk snake slithering towards her.
However, she didn’t lose her bottle and calmly trapped the red and black striped serpent under a paint tray.
She then contacted the Scottish SPCA who soon arrived at the house in McKenzie Terrace, Troqueer, and whisked the harmless snake, a native of central America, off to the Glasgow Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.
The snake, now named Dennis (The Menace) after the Beano prankster who wears a red and black striped jumper, is doing well and the animal charity is keen to re-unite it with its owner.

Animal Rescue Officer Tricia Smith said: “The lady spotted the Honduran milk snake slithering up steps towards her door and immediately contacted the charity for help. Dennis gave the poor woman a real fright and she put a clean paint tray over him to contain him until I arrived.
“She said she opened her back door and there he was making his was up the steps. Dennis is a healthy snake so it’s likely he has escaped from his home nearby.
“Her house was warm so it may be that Dennis was attracted to the heat. We hope someone will recognise him and come forward as we’d love to reunite him with his owner.”
Last week the charity was involved in an Olympian task when Mo Farah was found enjoying the Sunday morning sunshine in the town.
Mo, of course, was not the double gold medal winning athlete but a just-as-nippy bearded dragon. The distinctive lizard was found by a couple in Terregles Road.
They quickly contacted the SSPCA and Mo has also settled in at their Glasgow Centre.
It was his ability to run very quickly that meant there was only one obvious choice for a name.
SSPCA Inspector Stewart Taylor said: “The people who found Mo were rather surprised as it’s pretty unusual to come across a bearded dragon on a remote country lane.
“Apparently he was just sitting on top of a fence basking in the sunshine.
“Beardies require heat and Mo was obviously taking advantage of the good weather we enjoyed over the weekend.
“He’s a friendly guy so they didn’t have any trouble taking him back to their home and containing him until we arrived.
“It’s still a bit of a mystery as to how Mo came to be there because it is quite a remote area with no houses close by.
“He’s proving to be a really fast runner so there is a chance he has strayed from home, although we also have to consider that he may have been abandoned.
“We’re keeping an open mind at this stage and we’re very keen to hear from anyone who recognises Mo.”
Anyone with any information about Dennis or Mo’s rightful owners should contact the SSPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

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