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We would like everyone to enjoy their use of this service, By connecting to the chat room you acknowledge that the rules are a guideline Moderators can remove you for any reason if they feel that it is to the benefit of the site. Respect each other and hosts.
Strong language and vulgarity are prohibited.Please use common sense and courtesy. If you wouldn't say it in polite company you shouldn't say it here.

Do not flood the chat rooms with your text or scroll
Do not repeat the same messages continuously
Do not use any form of abuse excessively towards other chatters or moderators
Do not excessively post email address
NEVER give out personal information
Do not post weblinks to external websites
No sexual content

Please respect other members of the chat rooms. Do not involve yourself in hostile situations that can result in you being banned. If there is an arguement in the chat room you will be better off to ignore it or ignore the members arguing.But above all enjoy the facilities and happy chatting.

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