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 Reptiles and Children Empty Reptiles and Children

Post  Admin on Tue May 01, 2012 4:52 am

Majority of children pester their parents for a puppy, kitten,hamster or gerbil ,however this is not always the case especially with the lot of up and coming films for example The Johnny Depp movie, Rango, encouraging exotic reptiles as impulse buys, Ive always believed no child should own any animal until they can understand that the pet is a living thing, capable of experiencing pain, hunger, fright and many other feelings.To be quite honest it can be very daunting for any parent whos child wants a reptile and they have no prior experience themselves.A reptile can be an amazing addition for a child old enough to understand the responsibilities involve...what are your views on children and reptiles should they be allowed to own them?

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