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What does that mean?? Empty What does that mean??

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Here's a list of general Herp abbreviations & acronyms

• 1.2.3 (or any similar group of numbers & decimal points) – a way of representing the number of males (first number) and females (second number) and unsexed animals (third number, if there is a third) in a group. 1.2.3 means 1 male, 2 females, 3 unsexed. 4.2 means 4 males and 2 females.
• 8ball - 8 Ball Pythons - Adam Wysocki - Large breeder based in Maryland
• Afrock - african rock python
• amel - short for amelanistic (lack of black pigment)
• anery - short for anerythristic (lack of red pigment)
• ARB - argentine rainboa boa
• ASF or ASFR - African soft furred rat
• ATB – amazon tree boa
• BCC - Boa Constrictor constrictor - red tailed boa
• BCI - Boa Constrictor imperator - common boa, although also sometimes called a red tailed boa
• BCO - Boa Constrictor occidenalis - Argentine boa
• beardie - bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps)
• BEL - black eyed leucistic or blue eyed leucistic
• BHB - Brian Barczyk - Large breeder based in Michigan
• BP - ball python
• BRB - Brazilian rainbow boa
• BTS - blue tongued skink
• CBB - captive bred & born
• CB - Captive bred
• CCP - coastal carpet python
• CF - Captive Farmed
• CH - captive hatched, from eggs that were either collected in the wild or from eggs from a WC female who was gravid when captured
• co-dom - short for co-dominant, a genetic term meaning a trait which is the result of 2 equally dominant traits both being visible. A popular example is roan cattle which have a red gene and a white gene and have both red & white hairs. Curiously, most of the BP traits which are commonly referred to as co-dom are technically incomplete dominant traits, which is when 2 equally dominant traits blend together, such as pink flowers which have red gene and a white gene
• CHE - ceramic heat emitter
• CR - Captive Raised
• CRB - columbian rainbow boa
• dinker - Something of interest, to breed and prove out
• DIY - Do It Yourself
• DUW - Dial-Up Warning...referring to a thread with lots of pictures that may be slow to load
• ETB – emerald tree boa
• f/t - frozen/thawed - refers to rodents or other prey items which are humanely killed, then frozen for storage, then thawed and warmed up to body temperature before feeding
• FWC - False Water Cobra
• GMHS-Giant Malagasy Hognose Snake
• GTP - green tree python
• het - short for heterozygous, a genetic term meaning having 1 each of 2 different genes. Often used to refer to an animal that is known to carry a recessive gene but does not display the recessive trait
• IBD - inclusion body disease - untreatable disease which can affect boids (boas and pythons)
• IJ - iran jaya carpet python
• JCP - jungle carpet python
• KSB - kenyan sand boa
• LFS – local fish store
• LPS – local pet store
• LTC - long term captive
• Lucy - short for leucistic
• MBD - metabolic bone disease - usually in the context of lizards or turtles, and usually caused by calcium deficiency or lack of UV light exposure
• MBK - mexican black king snake
• Mojo - short for mojave, a BP morph
• NERD - New England Reptile Distributor, a major snake breeding facility, owned & operated by Kevin McCurley. Also used to refer to a particular strain developed at NERD, such as NERD pastels
• PAM - Provent-A-Mite - a brand name of mite treatment which is widely recommended as being the most effective and safest way to treat snake mites.
• PEW - pink eyed white - in rodents, your typical albino with pinkish eyes. See also REW, sometimes used interchangeably
• pied - short for piebald, a ball python morph with patches of white scales
• p/k - pre-killed - refers to rodents or any prey item that has been killed before offering it to the snake, most often it refers to a freshly killed prey item to distinguish from f/t
• POG - pastel orange ghost, a BP combo morph
• RDR - Ralph Davis Reptiles
• RES - red eared slider (turtle)
• RETF - red eyed tree frog
• REW - ruby eyed white or red eyed white - in rodents, an albino with reddish eyes. See also PEW, sometimes used interchangeably
• RHP – radiant heat panel
• RI - respiratory infection
• RTB - red tailed boa
• SPOG - super-pastel orange ghost, a BP combo morph
• TSK – The Snake Keeper, a major snake breeding facility, owned & operated by Dan and Colette Sutherland. Also used to refer to a particular strain developed at TSK, such as TSK axanthics
• URI - upper respiratory infection
• UTH - under tank heater or under tub heater
• UV - short for ultraviolet; spectrum of light required for vitamin D production in diurnal lizards and turtles
• VBB - Vietnamese Blue Beauty ratsnake
• VPI - Vida Preciosa International, a major snake breeding facility, owned & operated by Dave & Tracy Barker. Also used to refer to a particular strain developed at VPI, such as VPI axanthics
• WC - wild caught
• WHS-Western Hognose Snake
• WLP White Lipped Python


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