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The Elapidae are a family of venomous snakes commonly referred to as elapids. This family includes cobras, adders, mambas and more. Elapidae are members of the squamata order of reptiles, which includes snakes and lizards.

This diverse family of snakes includes many incredible (but dangerous) species of cobras, sea snakes, adders and more. Members of the Elapidae family are mostly found in tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Common Traits of Elapidae Snakes

All are venomous, some highly venomous
Have hollow, fixed fangs used to inject venom
Most have long, slender bodies with smooth scales
Most Elapidae are oviparous, meaning they lay eggs
Most are active hunters (as opposed to ambush predators)
Members of the Elapidae Family

* Arranged alphabetically by common name.

Australian Copperhead
Black Mamba
Brown Snake
Chinese Cobra
Coral Snake
Death Adder
Egyptian Cobra
Green Mamba
King Cobra
Red Spitting Cobra
Monocled Cobra
Sea Snakes (a sub-family called Hydrophidae)
Taipan (including the inland taipan)
Tiger Snake


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