What is a herpetologist?

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What is a herpetologist? Empty What is a herpetologist?

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Herpetology is the branch of zoology concerned with the study of amphibians and reptiles. Batrachology is a further subdiscipline of herpetology concerned with the study of amphibians alone.The word herpetology comes from the Greek herpeton that means "to creep." Herpetologists are also known as "herps," and "field herping" is the study and collection of these animals and their identification through guidebooks and other materials.Those considering a career as a herpetologist should check out their educational options in advance. Speaking with herpetologists; visiting museums, zoos, and aquariums; joining a regional or international herpetological society; and reading herpetology articles in scientific journals are all ways to find out more about herpetology as a career. Field observation is also important and finding volunteer work or internships is a great way to see if becoming a herpetologist is a good career fit.Herpetologists help in the conservation of reptiles, amphibians, crocodilians and turtles. They also help the medical profession with their knowledge of toxins and venoms or work in poison control centers. Many herpetologists are involved in ecological studies, and work for colleges, governments, or non-profit agencies that are trying to understand why amphibian species are declining. Some people with an interest in herpetology also choose not to become professional herpetologists, but rather practice herpetology as a hobby in their spare time

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