Aurora Campground Cancels Controversial "Snapperfest"

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Aurora Campground Cancels Controversial "Snapperfest"

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:10 pm

The Aurora Campground which became the target of allegations of animal abuse last year for holding a festival that involved the handling of live turtles tells Local 12 they are not having their annual festival this year. An employee of Campshore Campground says "Snapperfest" is canceled.

The "Snapperfest" competition was held annually at the campground on State Route 56 between Aurora and Rising Sun.

Contestants in the challenge grab the turtle from muddy water, pull the head out of its shell and get their fingers around its neck. Organizers told Local 12 that all of the turtles used in the festival were caught in humane traps and many were released into their natural habitats afterward. They also claimed that they ejected anyone who appeared to hurt the animals.

The festival had been held for years. But in 2011, animal rights organizations began a massive anti-Snapperfest campaign, arguing that the handling of the turtles could lead to injuries and eventually the death of the animals. Activists went to task over the festival through social media, contacting Peta and county commissioners to complain that the festival was cruel.

A campground employee would not comment on the specific reasons for canceling the festival.

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