Snakes 'live' in state building - Claim

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Snakes 'live' in state building - Claim

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On an ordinary day no one would expect to see a 2.25- metre python in the Pretoria CBD - so members of the public and Department of Labour employees were amazed to find two dangerous reptiles in their midst last week.


Pythons are non-venomous, according to
LIKE THIS: Willem van Rooyen describes how he handled a python that allegedly came out of the Department of Labour's building in the

A parking attendant at the department's building on the corner of Skinner and Andries streets was in possession of dead female python and a 60cm rinkhals.

Willem van Rooyen claims he killed the snakes at about 4am when he arrived at the department's parking lot, where he helps people park their cars. He says the snakes fell from the roof of the department's building.

"When I arrived here, I saw the snakes falling from a hole in the building's roof," he said.

"I panicked and ran for my life. But when I looked back I realised the snakes were stranded so I stoned them to death."

Van Rooyen said he kept the snakes in a plastic bag and had planned to sell them.

"I wanted to sell them because I am not working," he said. "I had found a buyer, an elderly woman, who said someone wanted the snakes.

"But officials from a game reserve took the snakes away, saying people used them for muti that killed people."

Van Rooyen said he had worked at a snake park in KwaZulu-Natal and knew how to kill a snake.

"It is common knowledge that snakes hibernate in winter when females lay their eggs. Now that it's spring they come out to find food.

"I tell you, there are more snakes in that building."

Department of Labour spokesman Mishack Magakwane dismissed Van Rooyen's claims. He said Van Rooyen must have found them somewhere else.

He said the building had had a problem with blocked toilets on Tuesday. "We called the Department of Public Works and they fixed the problem. They would have seen the snakes," Magakwane said.

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